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Today is national pizza day. I just found this out and I feel like a failure. I have made vegan pizza, many many many vegan pizzas of shape and sizes, I just failed and haven’t written a blog post about them and haven’t explained my recipes and methods. I do feel disappointment from this, but I can give you a really fast option to get a vegan pizza! There are not many options in the fast food delivery chain pizza business, however one that I’ve relied on to be delicious is Papa Johns. They don’t use eggs or dairy in their crust. As long as there is no meat and no cheese, the dough they make is completely vegan friendly. I usually load mine up with every veggie and fruit possible and I double the pineapple! I like to top mine with “Go Veggie Vegan Parmesan Cheese” Topping, it’s a great Parmesan substitute. Call your local Papa Johns and get you Vegan pizza now, before pizza day is over! Peace, Love, Grub!


So, I live in sunny Los Angeles, California, where its spring time 24/7-365, and sun glasses, shorts, and flip flops are the normal appearance among Angelenos. The shorts and flip flops are normal for everyday spring time, but the glasses–even at night?! Well, it is Los Angeles and medical marijuana is legal here, so chances are, most likely, these people are hiding their red glazed eyes. Now medical marijuana does help tons and tons of sick people everyday, however, it’s also fun to enjoy just to unwind instead of drinking the more socially acceptable alcohol. Now you can actually eat medical marijuana because there are so many crafty baked bakers out there, and most of these pharmacies sell these edibles for patients to enjoy. Well, I do have my medical marijuana license, and I decided to find some treats for myself! Now the main bummer I found was most of these edibles aren’t vegan friendly, and some aren’t even vegetarian friendly. They usually use butter, milk, and in some cases gelatin. For any vegan stoners, this is kind of a bummer. Sure you can smoke the stuff, but you can’t really enjoy edibles unless you make them yourself–and let’s be honest, the amount of medicinal pot needed for baking isn’t worth the purchase for most. Well, after searching, I finally found some vegan treats, made by a company funnily enough called “Treets.” They make a medicated vegan granola, as well as a medicated vegan peanut butter chocolate bar! So, I decided instead of giving recipes, I’d do a review of a product. And since it’s not just a taste test this thing has to pass, I consumed it, judged the taste, and waited for the ride…

So, I have the day off, and I haven’t had anything to eat yet at all. It’s about 12:30 in the afternoon (don’t judge me for not eating yet; I have a mom who does that already). I decided to eat the vegan peanut butter chocolate bar first. 

The directions tell me to eat half now and the other half later. To me, that just means I’ll eat the whole thing now! I do have a high tolerance, so if you don’t, then stick to the instructions. Now, I have consumed it all and before I start getting loopy, I’ll review the flavor: 

I was fully impressed with this little snack! It tasted really good. My only complaint is the almonds fall when you eat it; that’s normal, but it just makes it a big negatory as far as eating it in bed goes for me. But it was really good; not too much peanut butter, the right amount of chocolate, and honestly not too strong of a marijuana smell or flavor. I’m rather happy with this little edible’s flavors, but I do doubt that I’ll feel anything because it isn’t a strong medicated flavor. The box says 150mg of THC, but it didn’t smell or taste like that… like I said, I have a high tolerance, but I will be patient as a patient hah. Usually, I’d smoke while I wait for the effects, but I’m trying to get a legit review here, so I will wait on that and see how this goes. 

20 mins later: I am starting to feel it. I was standing next to my fridge about to get a water and I literally thought to myself “I haven’t smoked yet, why do I feel stoned?!” Then I realized that I ate the candy bar! Ok, so it’s totally working and crept up on me; this is good. I give these products a solid 5 stars. I can totally see how these can help truly sick people with pain and appetite issues, and I “highly” recommend these Treets for any patient that is vegan and in need of an edible. Peace, Love, Grub!  

If you’re in the Los Angeles area and would like to purchase these treets, make sure you’re a legal medical marijuana patient and go to this website. It’s a delivery service that can drop them right off to your home!


I’m going to talk about my replication of the good old In-N-Out, Animal Style Cheeseburger with Animal Style Fries. Now, for a meat eater, In-N-Out is a classic staple. If you’re in a city that has these locations, you know you’re lucky and you love or loved something from this great burger joint; if you live away from an In-N-Out, you’ve heard of it or grubbed it before on a vacation to the west, and will definitely enjoy another one during your next visit to a city with an In-N-Out. Until then, you will just have to dream about it. When I was a meat eater, I loved the Cheeseburger Animal Style with a side of Animal Style Fries! Boy, oh, boy did that meal always hit the spot! Basically, what it is is a seasoned meat patty grilled in mustard then topped with American cheese, put in a bun with special sauce, grilled onions, tomato, a wedge of lettuce, and pickles, alongside an order of fries topped with cheese, special sauce and grilled onions! Just describing it makes me want to have one… But I don’t eat meat! So, what do I do? How can I enjoy this amazing classic with my meat-free, cruelty-free diet?? 
Well, I figured that out easily! First, I prepare my special sauce; I use Just Mayo vegan mayo, Ketchup, Mustard, and Relish. After my sauce is mixed l, I then prepare my traditional white vegan burger buns by putting a good amount of special sauce on both halves then, on the bottom bun I put a wedge of iceberg lettuce and a tomato, (I use Van De Kamp’s seedless buns because In-N-Out doesn’t use seeded buns. From there, I then heat up a skillet with olive oil and grill some onions. After the onions are nice and grilled, I set them aside (I’ll put them on top of the burger and fries once I’m almost finished). 
Now comes the patty: I obviously need to use a vegan burger patty (I prefer boca vegan patties because it’s similar to a cheap beef patty, but by all means, use whichever patty you prefer), and I season the patty to my liking with seasoned salt and pepper and grill it to my preferred temperature (well done is what I prefer with veggie patties–the char flavor resembles a grilled burger to me). 
Before finishing, I then grill the patty in a good amount of yellow mustard. Then I steam vegan American cheese onto the patty (I use toffuti American style slices, but you’re welcome to use whatever brand you prefer).
Once the patty is finished, I place it on top of the bottom bun with the lettuce, tomato and sauce. I then put the grilled onions on top of the patty and cheese, and top that off with some pickle slices and a little more extra sauce (after all, it’s animal style). Then I place the top bun on and, BOOM, my burger is set. 
As for the fries, I use shoe string fries and deep fry them in vegetable oil. Once they’re cooked, I place them on a plate, top them with vegan cheese (again I used toffuti slices) microwave the fries and cheese for 25 seconds, then steamed it on the grill for another 25 seconds (or until the cheese is melted to your preference. Also, this steaming is just covering the grill surface and letting the covered heat melt the cheese). Finally, I topped that with the special sauce as well as the left over grilled onions, and once again, BOOM, animal style fries!! 

All this took me no longer than 25 minutes and can be just as easy for you.
 I know the vegans are probably happy and curious to try this, but I hope there’s one meat eater out there wondering if this really does taste like In-N-Out and decides to try this! If that does happen, then I’ve done good today and saved an animal’s life because I made you curious! And I bet you enjoyed eating the meal as well; I know I truly did, FULLY! It obviously isn’t meat, but man was it close and had all the same flavors I remembered from my In-N-Out Burger days! It made me very happy as I hope it makes you! Enjoy, and cook safely! Peace, Love, Grub!
Vegan Friendly Burger Buns
Vegan American Cheese Slices
Vegan Burger Patties
Shoestring French Fries
Onions (chopped fine and grilled)
Iceberg Lettuce
Pickle Slices
Vegan Mayo
Yellow Mustard
Salt & Pepper (or preferred seasoning)
Leave whatever you dislike out, and feel free to add more cheese and extra patties to make a double double or the giant 4×4!


I have been on the hunt for a good vegan cream cheese. I’ve looked up recipes and they all seem like so much work for something that should be so simple (I’m sure I’ll make one one day though). I’ve shopped around because the little Jewish person inside me is constantly craving a bagel and cream cheese! I wish this was a joke, but it’s not; I love bagels and cream cheese, so this is a pretty serious thing for me. 

On my hunt, I’ve literally found nothing but crap. Even brands I rely on for quality imitation cheeses have failed me with their cream cheese substitutes. Some were gooey goop grossness, some tasted like rocks, and some just lacked texture, flavor, and visual appeal. Don’t get me wrong, some were good as cracker spreads, but nothing was even close to actual cream cheese,  and I truly did give up on my search; I accepted my fate and accepted that I had to eventually make my own vegan cream cheese. So, I went to the market to get my ingredients: I got my Van De Kamp’s Everything Bagels, I tossed them into my basket, looked at my list and sighed…I didn’t want to do all this work today, so I decided to walk by the crappy cream cheese substitutes area knowing I was going to be let down with the same boring choices… But wait… There’s a new one… WHAT IS THIS?!??

So I brought it home, I opened it and in the true test of tests–no BS games or gimmicks, no lying to myself here–I dipped my finger right in that container and swooped up a finger full… Already the texture and consistency had me completely happy. Then I tossed that blob into my mouth all by itself. I chewed and tasted…and sweet mother of pearl, this was it!! This was what I had been looking for! This was the substitute I had given up trying to find, yet it found me! It knew. Secretly, it knew and it mentally called me over in the aisles as I looked at my shopping list; it just knew this was the time we had to meet. And I have never been happier that I found a great cream cheese substitute that tasted better than I could ever expect! Go Veggie Vegan Brand Cream Cheese won for sure with its replication!! Now, smear this on a toasted bagel topped with tomato and lemon juice and you’ll thank me later! Peace, Love, Grub!


Sushi! What can I say, when I was a pescetarian I lived off sushi! And I’m sure most people who eat meat will tell you how much they love sushi. I know when I gave up fish, sushi was definitely one of the hardest things to stop thinking about. I was also once a sushi chef, so when I say it was hard to stop thinking about it, I guess you could say it’s still never left my mind…That’s why I had to make a vegan version. Now, when I made this, it was all just thrown together from my sushi knowledge as well as my random brain just branching out and thinking about textures. I decided if I cut fruits and certain vegetables, I could replicate some of the texture, some of the “fishy” visual, as well as the visually stimulating and beautiful. The sushi chef in me really came out while I was cooking because I even ended up making a vegan eel sauce as well as a grilled tofu steak. I had done it! I made sushi, sushi rolls, amazing sauces, a grilled tofu steak… And it tasted GREAT! I even shared some with my meat eating friends and family and they loved it… They actually fully enjoyed it! Now that’s something!!

I steamed some tradition Japanese rice and tossed it with some rice wine vinegar, I then made my eel sauce, for this sauce I used soy sauce, teriyaki sauce, ponzu sauce, cornstarch, and crumpled pieces of nori (seaweed, for fishy eel sauce flavor) I kept this mixture on a low flame the entire time while I prepared everything else, this gave the sauce time to reduce and give it that well known eel sauce thick viscosity. 

I also made a vegan “krab” salad which I based with smashed tofu (I used extra firm but any will work) I mixed the tofu with vegan mayo as well as salt, pepper, old bay seasoning, and some sirracha for a spicy kick. 

For the sushi, I used the rice andseaweed as my base and holder and then I used  different slices of fruits and vegetables as my fish substitute. I also used some tofu to resemble the tomago sushi (egg sushi). The one that looks like tuna is actually a tomato with the skin peeled off to give a more “meaty” look. I did the same with mangos, kiwis, bell peppers, and avocados.

For the rolls, I used the same base of rice and seaweed rolled and filled with the “krab” salad, mix cucumbers, and avocados. I then used the same fruits and vegetables and just layered them across the top of my roll base. I layered them with different colors to simulate the traditional “rainbow roll” at sushi restaurants. I also made a “California roll” which is just a roll that consists of the vegan “krab” salad, cucumbers, avocados, rice, and seaweed. I also included a “California roll” topped with the eel sauce I made. 

For the grilled tofu steak, I seasoned that steak with blackening rub (feel free to use whatever seasoning you’d prefer) and I grilled it on both sides. I then dumped an amazing peanut sauce I found at that market that’s vegan and gluten free (Annie Chung’s Peanut Sauce) all over my steak (you can use less if you’d like, I just love sauces!) and that is how I made my meal! All in all, it was my favorite project yet!! It tasted amazing to me, and it tasted amazing to meat eaters! Peace, Love, Grub!

1 block of extra firm tofu

Vegan mayo

Vegetables and fruits of your choice (cut into sushi)

Rice wine vinegar (about 1 table spoon per 1 batch of rice)


Seaweed sushi wraps

Teriyaki sauce

Soy sauce

Corn starch

Peanut sauce


SUPER BOWL SUNDAY!!! It’s almost Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!!! It’s that time to get down and dirty with friends and family. It’s time to scream at the TV or the radio, (or even at the other side’s fans)! It’s time to EAT, and drink, AND EAT!!! But wait! You’re vegan and you never have many options at your friends’ parties. Throwing your own Super Bowl party will ensure that you can make vegan food for you and your guests! If you only have time for one super vegan Super Bowl snack, be sure you make this, and if you’re not throwing your own party, bring it to the party you’re going to!
This is my vegan take on a 7 layer dip! Usually 2 things stop a vegan from eating the traditional 7 layer dip: the cheese and the sour cream. Luckily, I found great cheese substitutes, and make a pretty damn good vegan sour cream:
Ok, so, first give yourself 3-4 hours of prepping for the sour cream. You’ll need a cup of cashew halves soaked in water for 3-4 hours. Then once that’s done, throw those cashews in a blender or food processor and purée those nuts after they are nice and creamy add some non-flavored almond milk, tofu, chickpeas, lemon juice, salt, pepper, and a little hot sauce (the hot sauce is optional, I just like my food with a little added kick), and blend that mixture all together until it is mixed to your liking and consistency.
Now that your sour cream is made, all you need is a platter. Then start with laying down your vegan refried beans (which you can purchase at the store), then you lay down guacamole (you can make your own or buy from a store), then lay down black olives and top that layer with your sour cream mixture. After the sour cream, you lay down some chopped tomatoes, then top that with your shredded vegan cheese (I use almond brand but Diaya is also pretty good. I also use both the shredded cheddar and mozzarella style).
After the cheese, I top that with a little bit of cilantro (optional) and then I dive in with my chips and enjoy the hell out of the game!!!!


Sour Cream Ingredients
1 cup soaked cashews
1/2 cup chickpeas
1/2 block extra firm tofu
1/4 cup vegan cream cheese
1/2 lemon for juice
1/4 cup unsweetened almond milk
Salt and pepper to taste
Dip Ingredients
Refried Beans
2 cans of black sliced olives
2 tomatoes chopped and diced
Vegan sour cream mixture
1/2 bag of almond mozzarella cheese
1/2 bag of almond cheddar cheese
Cilantro (optional, and to your liking)
Feel free to add to or subtract from these layers. 7 is always fun, but rice can be added making an 8 and so much more can be added to make a 12 layer dip! The choice is yours! Just make sure you don’t eat it all while preparing it so you can save some for your friends and the game! Peace, Love, Grub!


A little bit about myself: I am The Cheatin’ Vegan. I call myself this for two very big reasons:


    1) I am actually a vegetarian who tries to stay on a steady vegan diet, however I do have “cheat” days. These “cheat” days are still a vegetarian diet of course, but i do try to eat as vegan as possible. 
   2) I like to “cheat” the system and show people that you still can eat great comfort food, almost exactly like you remembered when you ate animal products. I take old classics I remember enjoying (or classics people request from me) and I try to replicate them in a fully 100% vegan way! It can be fast food I once enjoyed, or one of my mom’s classics growing up; whatever it is, I like to take the challenge and turn that dish cruelty free! 
I was a big meat eater at one point in time: I literally would eat anything and try anything once. It is how I was raised and I’m very thankful for that because man oh man have I had some delicious food. I then went pescatarian (eating a vegetarian diet while including fish) then I went back to meat for a short time, then I became a full vegetarian. It’s helped me with my stomach issues I once had, and makes me feel good! Even though I am a full vegetarian, I try to eat vegan as much as I personally can because with stomach issues, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Because of my many diet changes I’ve been able to experience so many types of amazing food! It’s opened up my palate to amazing flavors and meals that I can now try to replicate in a vegan fashion. Food can be an art, even when it’s messy and looks abstract, it’s all about flavors and taste. All food can be good, I’ve just found a diet that works for me and my health, as well as helps animals well being. I don’t judge a person’s way of eating (as I hope I’m not judged for mine), but I do feel good showing what can actually be made in a vegan way so the food can be cruelty free and save animals lives. Even if an avid meat eater has one vegan meal in his lifetime, then that’s one meal an animal didn’t have to suffer for, and if I could be that inspiration for one meal, then that makes me happy, because I’d like to think I’m reaching at least someone once, and made a difference once. Anyway, I am The Cheatin’ Vegan, and I hope you enjoy my cooking, my food, my product reviews, my creations, my replications, my restaurant reviews (when Im too lazy and don’t want to cook and I dine out), and a slight look into my crazy little mind! Peace, Love, Grub!
The Cheatin’ Vegan
PS people may say “well why make this when I can make it with meat?!?” Well as a foodie I’ve learned we are all looking for new things. A burger started out a burger, then it became a cheeseburger, then a turkey burger, then a chicken burger, to a fish burger, to a veggie burger… We as foodies can never have enough options, and that’s a great thing, because my blog is just about that, other options!