Kids love it; moms make it; restaurants even serve it, and it’s been done so many different ways that it has become an appetizer, an entree, or just as a snack, I’m talking about Mac and cheese! I have found the way to make an amazing delicious super cheesy Mac and cheese without any dairy or real cheese at all! 

First you will need elbow macaroni noodles. Kroger makes a box that doesn’t contain any egg or dairy, so that’s the brand I decided to use. 

Boil them up in water with some salt to taste, and while that cooks, start melting about 1 tablespoon of vegan butter and 2 blocks of vegan cheddar cheese and 2 blocks of vegan American cheese (follow your heart is the brand I used). Don’t melt fully but melt about halfway under a low fire. 

Once the noodles are cooked, drain the water and then add the noodles to the vegan cheese and vegan butter mixture. Mix all together until all the cheese is melted and all the noodles are covered in cheese. 

Once that’s mixed together, add your cheese noodles to a casserole dish. Spread evenly and then top with Ian’s Panko breadcrumbs. After that, sprinkle some “go veggie” vegan Parmesan cheese topping on top of the bread crumbs. Drizzle melted vegan butter on top of the crumbs and vegan parmesan and then bake in the oven under 350 for about 12 minutes or until the top starts to brown slightly (or your preferred color). Just make sure you don’t burn the noodles. 

Once that’s all finished, you can plate and serve or grab a spoon and dive in all by yourself! The vegan Mac and cheese world is yours when you make this dish! Enjoy. Peace, Love, Grub!

Macaroni noodles
Vegan cheddar cheese blocks
Vegan American cheese blocks
Vegan butter
Vegan Parmesan cheese topping 
Ian’s Panko breadcrumbs 
Casserole dish for baking


Oh no you’re vegan, and its past 11am. This means there’s no possible way you’d ever be able to get McDonalds breakfast items. When you became vegan, you said your goodbyes to the Egg McMuffin and the Sausage Egg McMuffin. If you ever ate meat and were hard on cash, these items were the ones that got you through breakfast. It was always a struggle to get there on time to make the breakfast menu, but if you did, you could scrounge up the money for these items with the spare change laying around in your car. Once you became vegan and realized the harsh reality behind places like McDonald’s, you happily said goodbye to those items, but the memories of those tastes may still be there. Well, you can easily make these items in a fully vegan way and once again enjoy the good old funky breakfast sandwiches, guilt free and cruelty free. 

All you will need is Van DeKamps Original English Muffins (or any other vegan friendly brand you prefer), Vegan Breakfast Sausage Patties (I used simple truth brand), Vegan Canadian Bacon (I used yves brand), vegan American cheese slices (I used toffuti), and a block of extra firm tofu. 

Start by cutting your muffins in half and then putting them into the toaster. Toast until they are nice and slightly golden on the inside. 

Now cut your tofu block into a circle and slice 2 “McMuffin” shaped slices from that circle (about 1/4 inch in height). Throw those tofu slices into an oiled frying pan and season them slightly. Don’t over cook because you still want it to resemble an eggs texture. Place the tofu onto one of your English muffin slices. 

Next I throw on a vegan sausage patty and/or a slice of vegan Canadian bacon. Once these are cooked I place them on top of my tofu I just cooked. I then take my vegan American cheese slices and put that on top of the sausage and/or Canadian bacon. 

After that, take the last slice of the English muffin and put it on top of the cheese. Flip the sandwich over so the cheese is now on the bottom, and place in the microwave for 13 seconds. Once that microwave goes beep, it’s ready to eat! Spread some jelly on it if you’d like or use some ketchup. However you once enjoyed this sandwich, will be even better than you remembered it because of this vegan version! Peace, Love, Grub!

Vegan English Muffins
Vegan American Cheese Slices (toffuti) 
Vegan Breakfast Sausage Patties (simple truth) 
Vegan Canadian Bacon (smart deli)
Extra Firm Tofu Block
Oil (for frying) 
Seasoning Salt (optional, for tofu)


Now a vegan hot dog is always great, but a vegan Chicago dog is always going to be better!! Their hot dog is a full delicious meal. It has sweet, spicy and tart components that just make it, in my opinion, the best dog out there! 

There’s only one thing I can’t find to make my version a complete replica, and that’s a poppy seed bun. If you can find one use that instead, but I have yet to find a vegan one in my area, so I’ll have to use a regular bun made by Van De Kamps. Other than the bun, you’ll also need chopped onions, relish (neon relish if you can find it), tomatoes, sport peppers (these are hard to find, but they are on Amazon, I ended up using banana peppers due to slow shipping speed), dill pickle slices, mustard, celery salt, and a vegan veggie dog (I use smart deli dogs). 
Now, I start by loading my bun up with mustard and cutting my tomatoe slices and dicing onions. This way, when the dogs ready to plate, you can just load all the fixings on top and then eat! Once that’s done, split your vegan hotdog down the middle and grill it up. While grilling, I sprinkle celery salt on the dog. The combo of the splitting and the salt gives the dog some snap after it’s cooked. Once it’s cooked, put the dog into the bun, put on the tomato slices, the relish, the pickles, the diced raw onions, the sport peppers, and sprinkle a little more celery salt for taste. After that, your creation is complete. Now you can live in Australia and still have a little bit of Chicago in your stomach! Enjoy. Peace, Love, Grub!

If peppers and onions aren’t your thing, this way is still very delicious!

Vegan hot dog
Hot dog bun
Sport peppers
Dill pickle slices
Celery salt


Ok this one has been requested from a friend, and I’ll gladly do a dish when friends ask! I’ve made wings many times before but he asked for more concentration on the wing sauce and the bleu cheese dressing. Now I’ve always used my own sauce, but I also only used the store bought vegan bleu cheese dressing by Follow your Heart (which is an amazing bleu cheese by the way). So for me to have a chance to make my own bleu cheese, well I got really excited! So what you will need here for the wings are Gardin meatless chicken wings. The wings come with a sauce, but I just throw it away because I enjoy my sauce a lot more. For the sauce, you’ll need Franks Red Hot sauce, brown sugar, and vegetable oil. Take 1 cup of Franks sauce and mix it with a capful of vegetable oil as wel as an 1/8 cup of brown sugar. Mix all those together until the brown sugar dissolves. Next, pour a little bit of that sauce over your meatless chicken wings in a bowl and make sure each wing is covered in this sauce. Here is the big part, it’s time to fry them up! Fry them in a pan with oil and make sure they are nice and cooked on both sides. It will become a darker red color once fully cooked. Finally put the wings in a bowl again and once again toss and coat with the wing sauce and plate!

Now for the bleu cheese dressing. You’ll need a half a block of extra firm tofu, 1/4 teaspoon tahini sauce, 1 cup vegan mayo, a few shakes of garlic powder,  a few dashes of lemon juice, and a few dashes of apple cider vinegar. Start by crumbling the tofu block because this will be the crumbles in the bleu cheese and set the crumbles on the side. Next you mix all the other ingredients together and take tastes, because you may want to add more lemon or vinegar to get the proper tang you’re looking for. After that, mix in the tofu, refrigerate and serve when ready with your delicious wings! You can also enjoy this dressing with any vegetable or salad you’d like to indulge in! Enjoy and make sure you have something to drink (the spice is potent but tasty). Peace, Love, Grub! 
Vegan Wings
Franks red hot sauce
Brown sugar
Vegetable oil
1/2 block extra firm tofu
1/4 teaspoon tahini sauce
Lemon juice
Apple cider vinegar
1 cup Vegan mayo
Garlic powder


This one is super simple and tastes great! I’ve been looking for a good shrimp substitute and have only been left disappointed. Because of that, I had to figure out my own way to recreate shrimp, and I did just that. All you’ll need is some oil for frying, some old bay seasoning, extra firm tofu, ketchup, horseradish, tobasco sauce, and vegan Worcestershire sauce. First, I like to make the cocktail sauce. Take some ketchup, a scoop of horseradish (to your preference of spice), 3 dashes of tobasco, and 3 dashes of vegan Worcestershire sauce, and mix all those ingredients together in a sauce bowl. Boom, the cocktail sauce is done. Now for the “Shrimp.” Heat up a skillet with some veggie oil for frying; take your extra firm tofu and cut them into thin slices triangles (I tried cutting them into shrimp shapes but triangles are a lot easier). Take your tofu triangles and throw them into a bowl of old bay seasoning, make sure they get a good coat on them for this is what gives it the seafood flavor. Now put your seasoned triangles into the frying pan with heated oil and fry for about 8 minutes (or until golden crispy on both sides). Now you can plate those “shrimp” however you’d like, but make sure you enjoy them with a big scoop of your homemade vegan cocktail sauce! It will be nice and crisp on the outside and semi soft on the inside, like a shrimp! Enjoy for yourself or with family and friends! Peace, Love, Grub!

Extra firm tofu
Old bay seasoning
Tobasco sauce
Vegan Worcestershire sauce


This Mexican treat is amazingly delicious and really easy to Veganize! I would eat flan all the time as a kid whenever I could find it. I remember eating it a lot with my grandma because the restaurant she took me to had fantastic flan! It’s so sweet, creamy and delicious. Now this recipe makes enough for 4 servings. What you need to start with is the “caramel” sauce. In a sauce pan, melt 2 cups of sugar and 1 tablespoon of vegan butter together. Once the sugar and butter becomes a liquid, pour that liquid into the serving dishes you plan on using for your 4 portions of flan. Now comes the custard part. In a separate saucepan, take 1 1/2 cups vanilla almond milk (or any other non dairy milk you prefer) and add 1 tablespoon of agar-agar flakes. Without heating the saucepan, let the mixture sit for 10 minutes. Once settled, bring that sauce pan to a boil and stir together. Once the mixture is boiling, bring the heat down to a low fire, and stir constantly for about 6 minutes or until agar agar flakes have dissolved. Once dissolved, turn off the heat and pour the liquid into a blender. In this blender, also add 1 full block of sweet firm dessert tofu (silken makes a good one), 1 1/2 tablespoons of organic sugar, 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract, and 1/8th teaspoon salt. Now blend together until smooth and mixed together. Once blended, pour on top of carmalized mixture in serving dishes. Now wrap the serving dishes in cling wrap and put in refrigerator for 2 hours. Once you’re ready to serve, get a butter knife and run along the inside outer edge of the serving dish to separate the flan from the glass. Place upside down into a plate and give the top of the dish a light tap. The flan should fall out in one piece and be ready to eat once you remove the glass. If you have extra caramel sauce, feel free to pour some extra on top! It’s delicious and as good as I remembered it! Hope you all enjoy it too. Peace, Love, Grub!

1 block dessert tofu, firm
1 1/2 cups vanilla almond milk
1 1/2 tablespoons organic sugar & 2 cups of sugar (for caramel sauce)
1 tablespoon vegan butter (for caramel sauce)
1 tablespoon agar agar flakes
1 tablespoon vanilla extract
1/8th teaspoon salt
A blender


Now, this one is a good one for parties. You can bring them to parties, or you can lay them out at your own parties. They are my sweet and spicy meatless meatballs! I took my mom’s classic, delicious recipe–one of my favorites–and gave it a little twist for some extra spice. It’s delicious. 

What you’ll need is simple: 1 small bottle of vegan BBQ sauce (I use Sweet Baby Rays Sweet and Spicy BBQ Sauce). You’ll also need 1 medium sized bottle of grape jelly (make sure it’s jelly and not preserves or jam) and a hot sauce of your choice, this time I used a ghost pepper hot sauce, but use whatever you can handle and enjoy. You can even skip the hot sauce all together if you wanted and it’s still delicious. You’ll also need a bag or two of meatless meatballs. 

Put the jelly and BBQ sauce and hot sauce in a pot on medium fire in the stove. Stir occasionally and let the ingredients melt and combine together. Once they have melted together and started to simmer, add the meatless meatballs and then put the fire to a low flame. Also, cover your cooking pot. 

Let sit for 15 minutes, stirring occasionally. Serve them up when ready! 

They can be added to bread for sandwiches, or eaten with toothpicks. They are also great on top of rice. Get creative, enjoy this recipe and the delicious things you can do with this meatball! Peace, Love, Grub!

1 small Bbq sauce

1 medium grape jelly

1 teaspoon Hot sauce 

1-2 bags of meatless meatballs 


So, I decided to replicate a Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich. There are many ways you can do this, and I’ll explain the options, but I’m going to give the recipe for the way I like it and what I was brought up believing is a traditional Philly Cheesesteak.

The vegan meat substitute I used was non-flavored, regular seitan. You can also make your own, which I’ve done before, but it is a big process which I’ll cover in another blog. For now, the basic store bought seitan works just fine. You’ll also need a vegan friendly hogie roll, I use good old Van de Kamps French roll. You’ll need an onions chopped and diced so you can grill them, and you’ll also need vegan mayo and a vegan cheese of your choice (I use Diaya Swiss slices, but use whichever you’d like. If you prefer a cheez-whiz type vegan cheese, you can always melt down the Diaya cheddar block and that creates a decent cheese whiz substitute). Also, what I don’t use, but you’re more than welcome to, is mushrooms and bell peppers. I’m not a fan of them on my cheesesteak, but some people love them; if that’s you, then load them up! 

I then start with putting my French roll in a microwave for 20 seconds; this makes the roll nice and soft. Then I put my vegan mayo on each side of the roll. I then begin oiling my pan with EVOO and I grill up my diced onions to a nice golden brown (if you’re grilling mushrooms and bell peppers now would be the time to do that as well). 

Once the onions are cooked, I put them on the side and start to waiter and season my seitan. I used seasoned salt and pepper and a little blackening seasoning, but feel free to use what you’d like. Once that’s all sautéed,I combine the onions and mix really well with the seitan in the sauté pan. Once mixed, line up the mixture to “sandwich shape,” then I put on a low flame and immediately put my slice of cheese on top of the seitan and onion mixture. I then cover my pan and let the heat melt the cheese to my preference; you do the same. I then take a spatula and scoop up the seitan onions and cheese trying my best to keep it together and place it in the opening of my Hogie roll. Once that’s all set and ready, this thing is ready to stuff in your face, because that’s the only way to eat this thing. You’ll understand after that first bite, you only need your hands now, so go dig in!! Peace, Love, Grub! 


1 slice of vegan cheese 

Onions for grilling (mushrooms and peppers optional) 

Vegan mayo

French hogie roll

Salt, pepper, seasonings

Extra virgin olive oil 


I used to eat tons and tons of fish–any and all types–it was what started my path to my eating habits now. One dish I miss is scallops. The soft yet crunchy texture makes its a pretty unique thing, but I figured out a way to recreate that, and still have a good flavor as well. To make my vegan scallops, I use extra firm tofu (buy a block or two depending how many you want to make). 

Now, with one block, cut out scallop shaped circles. To do this, I used a skinny Collins glass and just pushed it down and got a tube of tofu from the center of my glass. I did this a few times and then I cut those tofu tubes into 3 “scallops” per tube. I then season these with Old Bay seasoning. Now you can sautee these guys and top with a sauce or you can batter them and fry them up. I chose to sautéed mine for this recipe. Since my scallops are pre-made, I decide to make my sauce first. I use minced garlic, vegan butter, lemon, and a little unflavored almond milk and Malibu rum. I sautee and reduce the sauce for about 15 mins. I then place it in a bowl and save it for later. With the same sautee pan, use a little EVOO, and place the seasoned “scallop” on the pan and grill for about 7 minutes so the outside gets a good crisp feeling. Then I flip and do the same for the other side. It may take longer because tofu is tricky to get crisp, but it will happen, I promise, and the middle of the cut “scallop” is thick enough that it will still stay somewhat soft and this will resemble a scallops texture with the classic old bay flavor. Now once “seared,” place on a plate and rope with your sauce; it’s delicious sauce, so I use a lot. I also usually cook this dish with spinach because it goes well with the scallops. When making the spinach, I will usually use the sauce to sautee it. Now you have made your faux seafood scallops! Sail away and chow down without having to harm any little sea creatures at all. Hope you enjoy it like I did. Peace, Love, Grub!

1-2 blocks extra firm tofu


Vegan butter

Minced Garlic

Old bay seasoning

1 teaspoon Malibu rum


Extra Virginia olive oil


Today is Valentine’s Day, and that means love, cards, and most importantly goodies to eat!! Here is a very fast and easy dish to make for your partner, and it’s still pretty romantic. Chocolate covered strawberries!! Now most chocolates are not vegan because they contain milk, however there are vegan chocolates at whole foods and any other local vegan friendly stores. All you’ll need is a few bars of vegan chocolate, and strawberries. First break up the chocolate and place in a pot on your stove under a low fire. Once that melts fully you then take a strawberry and dip the tip into the melted chocolate. Place the berries on a parchment paper covered plate and place in the fridge for a couple hours. Once the chocolate has dried fully on the berry, then they are ready to eat! Light some candles, play some Barry White, and feed your partner some of these treats. If Barry doesn’t get you lucky, these strawberries will! Happy V-Day, and Peace, Love, Grub!

3-5 vegan chocolate bars


Parchment paper (for cooling)