Yes, Yes, Yes we all know smoking is bad, and we all know, we should probably quit, but as an addicted cigarette smoker, chances are we will only quit when and if we are ready to. Smoking is not healthy at all, and doesn’t reflect the healthy lifestyle most vegans choose. However, there are some vegans that have this addiction and can’t quit or just fully enjoy the act of smoking. 

Most cigarette brands contain castoreum which is a chemical created from a beavers anal gland; yup, you read that right; most cigarettes contain beaver ass. I’m not telling anyone to smoke; in fact it’s probably best if we all quit, but if you’re a vegan whom smokes and care what products are in your cigarettes, then you may want to read on so you can know which brands don’t use any animal products. 

Now I have done tons of research for all this information. I have gone onto the Internet of the tobacco companies and looked up all the ingredients in every possible brand of cigarettes. I’ve also called all the major tobacco companies and after being transferred a million and a half times was able to actually speak to representatives for these companies that actually knew about castoreum and the ingredients in their cigarettes. Now with all that being said, I have only found 2 brands that don’t have additives in their tobacco. These brands only have 2 ingredients listed and those same two ingredients were also told to me by each tobacco rep I talked with. 

These ingredients are 1)Tobacco and 2) Water. Why there needs to be anything else in a cigarette is honestly beyond me. It’s already unhealthy and most companies just seem to add things that make smoking even worse. Now the lable “all natural” does NOT mean that it’s a safer cigarette; it’s still just as bad for you, but you at least know what you’re putting into your body with these brands. 

The two vegan “friendly” cigarettes I have found are, 

1) American Spirits. I was told that all their brands are all natural tobacco without additives. However upon reading online, most vegans say that American spirits natural blend is the only true vegan friendly brand. Though that style of American spirits are a lot better than the other American spirit brands, I was assured by their tobacco rep that all of their brands only use tobacco and water, so with that information, I can say that all of American spirits are safe for vegans. Now I can’t smoke American spirits because they take too long to smoke, it literally seems like 30mins to enjoy and finish just one of their cigarettes, so this is what made me continue my search for a normal burning brand that is still vegan friendly. Well I found that brand, and it’s the only other “natural tobacco” brand I have found aside from American spirits. I will talk about this brand now. 

2) Winston. Winston cigarettes are another vegan “friendly” cigarettes because it too only uses tobacco and water. Unlike American spirits, these cigarettes taste and burn like a normal smoke. When I talked to this tobacco rep, without hesitation the rep knew what I was talking about when mentioning castoreum, and assured me that winstons do not use any additives. 

So if you must smoke, I’m not going to tell the negatives or look down upon you for your lifestyle choices, but I will say if you need a nicotine fix, then try one of these brands that don’t use animal products. It’s bad enough that smoking is hurting ourselves, but now we can make sure that it’s not hurting animals due to our addiction. I know this entry isn’t about food but as most smokers know, we like to eat and then smoke a cigarette after our meals. So now you can enjoy a vegan feast and then go outside after and digest with our nasty vice we have gotten hooked on. Maybe one day we all quit, but until then hopefully, we can use these animal free brands! Peace, Love, Grub!

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  1. american spirit were bought up by reynolds in 2002 who conducts horrible animal experiments, smoke natural home grown tobacco from indian reservations or organic small brands, idk which one those are in usa, in europe we got pueblo…..however in long run stop bc this:
    Most Cigarettes are tested on Animals in horrible, cruel Experimens, and their Companies are also financing Wars/Opression, like the one against Palastine, Syria etc. and Child Labour!!
    Please if you can not stop, at least try limit your use and smoke only organic and cruelty free Brands like Pueblo, Manitou; or Cuban Cigars or home grown Brands, try anyway to stop in the Long run, here are a few Articles on the Subject:

  2. where i live doesnt sell these brands but i found another brand called pueblo and they are cruelty free and a “healthier” option!

  3. Heyyyyy. I had a question the whole time i was reading this: many articles say that most of the big tobacco companies do animal testing with their cigarettes. If the brand’s cigarettes are vegan does that mean that there was no animal testing involved in the production of the product too?

    1. They don’t test themselves however they are owned by a company that does own other brands that do test. Now smoking in general is not healthy or beneficial in anyway. These brands were just the only ones to claim that they don’t test and don’t use animal products in their cigarettes.

  4. There is the point of filters contains animal bloody.
    These 2 cigarette brands use filters, do they not contain animal bloody?
    I would like Vegan cigarettes but am concerned that these 2 brands may not be as vegan as first thought

    1. Not totally sure if they have in NZ, but I have found them in the U.K. And other European countries. There’s a chance they should exist in NZ

  5. Thanks for the info 😀
    I like to enjoy a cigarrette now and then but i feel guilty everytime i do. Too bad we don’t get these brands over here in Chile, i’ll try to find if i can order them on the internet.

  6. smoking its not vegan , because damage the health of everybody around,, the lounges are only for breath oxygen , and poor animals has 40 times increase the olfatory bulb , imagine this suffering for them, when a person smokes all the odor can smells for about 10 metres , and poor animals that are next to smokers are destroying their bodies.

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