Now I’ve been asked to make some Pho, and it works out wonderfully because I really wanted to make a vegan pho! So here it is!

I started by bringing a pot filled with 8 cups of vegetable stock to a slight simmer. I then added a handful of cilantro, about 20 whole shiitake mushrooms, 5 chopped green onion stalks, 1/2 a sliced and chopped raw onion, a table spoon of red miso paste, a full bag of bean sprouts, a package of pho rice noodles, and some red curry paste. I let this summer together for about 10 mins and I then squeezed a whole lime into the mixture.
Next, I placed these certain ingredients into a cheese cloth and tied it all together. The cloth allows you to still get all the flavor without all the excess junk floating around. In the cloth simply place coriander seeds, clove seeds, your leftover lime, fresh basil, and dried chili peppers. Place the tied and filled cloth into your broth and mix around and let cool together for about 20 mins. 
Once that’s all ready, you can now add some tofu and any other vegan friendly faux meat into your pho. I used tempeh but seitan works just as well and might even be better, I just wanted to really try the tempeh and I wasn’t disappointed at all. I’d let this cool together for another 5-10 minutes and once that’s finished its ready to serve! 
If you want to add some more kick and spice, just pour into your bowl some sirracha and mix into your pho! Once you take a bite you’ll be left asking is this vegan “pho real” ?! And the answer is a big old yes! Enjoy! Peace, Love, Grub!


Vegetable Stock
Shiitake Mushrooms
Dried Chili Peppers
Bean Sprouts
Pho Rice Noodles
Red Curry Paste
Red Miso Paste
Green Onions
Yellow Onions
Cheese Cloth

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