The Cheatin’ Vegan

A little bit about myself: I am The Cheatin’ Vegan. I call myself this for two very big reasons:

    1) I am actually a vegetarian who tries to stay on a steady vegan diet, however I do have “cheat” days. These “cheat” days are still a vegetarian diet of course, but i do try to eat as vegan as possible. 
   2) I like to “cheat” the system and show people that you still can eat great comfort food, almost exactly like you remembered when you ate animal products. I take old classics I remember enjoying (or classics people request from me) and I try to replicate them in a fully 100% vegan way! It can be fast food I once enjoyed, or one of my mom’s classics growing up; whatever it is, I like to take the challenge and turn that dish cruelty free! 
I was a big meat eater at one point in time: I literally would eat anything and try anything once. It is how I was raised and I’m very thankful for that because man oh man have I had some delicious food. I then went pescatarian (eating a vegetarian diet while including fish) then I went back to meat for a short time, then I became a full vegetarian. It’s helped me with my stomach issues I once had, and makes me feel good! Even though I am a full vegetarian, I try to eat vegan as much as I personally can because with stomach issues, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Because of my many diet changes I’ve been able to experience so many types of amazing food! It’s opened up my palate to amazing flavors and meals that I can now try to replicate in a vegan fashion. Food can be an art, even when it’s messy and looks abstract, it’s all about flavors and taste. All food can be good, I’ve just found a diet that works for me and my health, as well as helps animals well being. I don’t judge a person’s way of eating (as I hope I’m not judged for mine), but I do feel good showing what can actually be made in a vegan way so the food can be cruelty free and save animals lives. Even if an avid meat eater has one vegan meal in his lifetime, then that’s one meal an animal didn’t have to suffer for, and if I could be that inspiration for one meal, then that makes me happy, because I’d like to think I’m reaching at least someone once, and made a difference once. Anyway, I am The Cheatin’ Vegan, and I hope you enjoy my cooking, my food, my product reviews, my creations, my replications, my restaurant reviews (when Im too lazy and don’t want to cook and I dine out), and a slight look into my crazy little mind! Peace, Love, Grub!
The Cheatin’ Vegan


2 thoughts on “The Cheatin’ Vegan”

  1. Saw your tweet about your friends book, and just wanted to say if it doesn’t get published through that program there’s always self publishing. Amazon is quick and easy to use and free to publish your own digital books for kindle. Lots of other outlets for authors, too. Anyway, good luck with the publishing!

  2. I’ve been craving junk food as a pescatarian and will be checking out each and every one of your recipes! Just had a dream last night about Carl’s western bacon cheeseburger lol. Thank you for sharing!! <3

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