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Bacon Pancakes – a dish made popular because of the cartoon show “Adventure Time” and the cartoon has an amazingly catchy jingle about this dish. Now I fully enjoyed the song so much, that I wanted bacon pancakes, so I made vegan bacon pancakes! 

Making Bacon Pancakes Song

First you’re going to want to cook up some vegan bacon in a frying pan. Make sure the vegan bacon gets pretty crisp because when it’s not crisp, it’s pretty hard to work with and create this dish. Once the vegan bacon is cooked, set it aside and start your next step.
The next step is the pancake batter. For this I just used 1 cup bisquick and 1/2 a cup of chocolate almond milk. Whisk together and once fully mixed get ready for the fun part. 
Dip each piece of vegan bacon into the pancake batter, and make sure the whole piece of vegan bacon is covered. This way it makes a proper bacon pancake. 
Under a medium fire, in a frying pan, cook up the vegan bacon pancakes. It takes about 5-6 minutes on each side (give or take a few minutes). Once finished, place on a plate and cover with maple syrup and devoure!!! Hope it’s delicious for you, and now you can sing the adventure time song while eating vegan bacon pancakes!! Peace, Love, Grub!!


Vegan Bacon Panakes
Chocolate Almond Milk


Growing up, quick and easy pancakes were always the way to go. Rushing to get ready for school, my mom would be doing everything to get the family up and running, so pancakes for breakfast before school was always a big add on for her routine of getting my sister and me ready, but she pulled it off. Luckily there was bisquick, and it really made pancakes a whole lot easier. So that was the flavor I’ve grown to love when I think of pancakes! Every bite is like a childhood flashback. Now I’ve known that these pancakes were not vegan, but what I learned recently was it’s only because of the eggs and milk in the mixture; bisquick itself if completely vegan friendly!! So because there are so many non dairy milks that work, all I had to do was figure out what to use for an egg… Guess what?! YOU DONT EVEN NEED TO USE THE EGG WITH BISQUICK!! 

Now all you have to do is take your basic bisquick recipe and skip the egg and sub out your preferred milk. I like to use vanilla almond milk because it adds a sweet flavor, and I like a sweet pancake!
The recipe is 2 cups bisquick and 1 cup of milk. I also sometimes add a pinch or 2 of cinnamon and a few squirts of chocolate syrup. You can also add vanilla extract, or any other flavored liquid you’d prefer. If you’re going for full on chocolate pancakes, it’s a real treat to add some vegan friendly chocolate chips, I crush them up even more so the batter is easier to work with and not as chunky, but if you feel that you can handle the task with full chips, go for it!
Fry them up in a frying pan coated with vegan butter, and keep them under a medium fire. Cook until a nice brown on both sides and fully cooked through. If you made the chocolate pancakes, just keep a close eye and try and see when they are fully cooked; it’s a little harder because of the darker color but you’ll be able to see it.
Get creative and fancy with this recipe and add on to it all you’d like! You can’t make too many types of vegan pancakes, and the more options you create, the better breakfast opportunities you’re creating for yourself. And if you have kids, I’m sure they won’t mind the different delicious pancakes they can enjoy as well, fully cruelty free! Peace, Love, Grub!!


2 cups Bisquick
1 cup Vanilla Almond Milk
1-2 pinch Cinnamon (optional)
1 teaspoon Chocolate Syrup (optional)
Crushed Vegan Chocolate Chips (optional)