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This is an amazing dish for kids and adults alike! I mean who doesn’t like a sloppy joe?! And now I have a vegan form without any cruelty involved?!?! You can’t top that!

What you’ll need is obviously a vegan friendly bun of sorts, I always just stick with Van de kamps because it’s fully vegan and delicious! Heat them up in the microwave for about 15 seconds to get them nice and soft.
While the buns heat, you can start preparing your vegan meatless meat crumbles. I use Smart Deli, and I use a full package. I then add tomato sauce and BBQ sauce, as well as blackening season and a tiny drop or 2 of liquid smoke. I mix together and let simmer and reduce for a bit, and once it’s all finished (about 10 mins), it’s ready to be slopped onto your bun! And voilà, you got yourself a sloppy joe! And remember you can always make them how Billy Madison liked them, extra sloppy!! Peace, Love, Grub!


Meatless Meat Crumbles
Vegan Friendly Bun or Roll
1 Can Tomato Sauce
2 tablespoons BBQ sauce
Liquid Smoke
Blackening Seasoning